Wood Fence Options for your Broward County Property

Wood fences are the quintessential standard for residential fencing dating back many years, although not the strongest or most permanent of your options, wood can still be a great choice for your first fence in Broward County. Wood can be a better option for privacy as the cost of installing a wood fence in Broward county are nearly half as much as you would pay to have a PVC privacy fence installed, although over the course of 20 or more years, you might end up paying significantly more for a wood fence because of the increased maintenance costs involved such as painting, staining and replacement of damaged or rotting parts. Ultimately wooden fences look beautiful right after they are installed, and add a real natural theme to the yard that they surround. This article will discuss a few of the more basic wood styles that are available for your next fencing project in Broward County.

Board-on-board Wood Fence

This style is the typical option that most Broward homeowners choose when opting to have a wooden fence installed on their property, especially around the backyard perimeter. The board-on-board style features full privacy, and is installed by attaching pickets to one another by overlaying a small portion of one picket on top of another in order to create a completely opaque fence. When having a board-on-board fence installed on your property, keep in mind that in Broward county, the “finished” side of the fence, or the side of the fence where the pickets are nailed to the outside of the horizontal members must face towards your neighbor. This ultimately means that you will be staring at the unfinished side of the fence, and will be able to see those horizontal members. For an additional cost, pickets can be installed on both sides of the fence to prevent this.

Stockade Wood Fence

The stockade style uses a much thinner picket than a typical wood fence would use, and the top of this picket is typically arched opposed to flat or dog-eared. The pickets are affixed to the horizontal members directly next to each other, so as to create total privacy. This style is used much less than the board-on-board style, but nonetheless is a viable option if you desire total privacy.

Shadowbox Wood Fence

This style is typically used to secure pools and is required to be used by many Broward county cities and home owner’s associations. When shadowbox is required for use, the other wooden style options are not allowed to be installed. This is typically because the city and or H.O.A is trying to keep a certain homogeneous look to all the properties, and also because shadowbox is widely regarded as the highest quality style of wood fencing. Also, shadowbox fencing is absolutely not a privacy fence. The method that is used to assemble this style dictates that the installers must nail one picket to one side of the fence, and leave a gap between the next picket in the same side. This gap is covered by another picket that is nailed to the opposite side of the fence. Because the pickets are not installed on top of each other like in the board-on-board style.

Horizontal Wood Fence

The style that a lot of modern themed properties have installed in Broward County is the, fairly new, horizontal wood fencing. This style utilizes a horizontally installed picket instead of the typical vertical installation that the majority of fencing styles feature. This style requires a special type of pickets, and also special engineering documents when submitting your permitting request to your city or municipality. Ultimately it’s a bit more expensive, but this style definitely adds a unique and modern look to any high end property.

A cheap and pretty good looking fencing option

In the end, wooden fencing is a very cost effective method to enclose the perimeter of your backyard. There are a few basic styles as you have read about above, but ask your Broward fence company salesman to discuss fancier variations or other styles that may be available. There are definitely some more fencing materials with a lot more longevity, such as PVC fence and Aluminum fence, but if it’s your first property and your budget is allocated to the inside of the house rather than the outside, wooden fencing can be a great alternative. It can require a fair bit of maintenance over the years, but the first few years should be easy and pretty care-free as the wood used for wooden fencing in Broward County is pressure treated and resistant to the elements. If you have any more questions, or want to sit down with a fencing expert, contact American Fence Corporation today.