Why You May Need an Aluminum Fence in Broward County

There are many reasons why you would want to have aluminum fencing installed on your Broward County property, but there’s only a few reasons why you may need to. It’s a good thing that aluminum fencing tends to look great and last a long time without much if any maintenance requirements. There’s also quite a few options when it comes to styles available. Mechanical aluminum fencing is almost always a picket type of fence, though there are many variations on the standard two-rail base model. Additional rails can be added and accents such as scrolls or circles can be added between the top and middle rails. This article will outline the various reasons why you may need to have an aluminum fencing system installed on your Broward county property, and the style options available to you.

Aluminum fencing meets all Broward pool code requirements

If you have a pool on your property, then by law you have to secure it to ensure that no small children or animals have the ability to freely enter your pool and ultimately drown. Each city and municipality within Broward county follows the provisions set forth by the ICC regarding specific height requirements and picket spacing requirements when it comes to pool safety. All pool barriers must meet this certain code in order to pass the permitting process. In other words, the fence surrounding a pool structure must be high enough off of the ground that a child cannot climb over it, the pickets cannot be wide enough for a child to put their foot through them as a way to climb it and the latch mechanism for each gate must be a certain height to prevent a small child from operating it in order to access the pool. Aluminum fencing meets all of these requirements, and is currently the standard fencing measure that most Broward County HOA’s and Broward cities require as a pool enclosure.

If your property is on a waterway such as the Inter-coastal

When your house has a backyard that meets with a waterway that is traversed by boats, then your fence must meet the same height requirements according to pool code, however it must also meet a certain degree of visibility to allow boat operators to see through the fencing structure in order to prevent collisions with land and or other boats. Luckily, most aluminum fencing meets the picket spacing requirements in order to allow for this visibility as a standard. Please consult with our salesman if you happen to be on a waterway so you can discuss the options available to meet Broward County building code.

A standard in South Florida fencing

Aluminum fencing is among the most commonly used styles of fencing in not only Broward County, but in all of Florida. Since a large portion of Broward properties tend to have swimming pools installed and a small portion of properties also sit on a waterway, aluminum fencing tends to be an absolute requirement for use to meet pool and waterway related building codes. Not only does it secure your property from potential drowning accidents, it also looks phenomenal and requires zero to no maintenance. Consult American Fence Corporation of Broward County for your next aluminum fencing project.