Broward County Fencing Installation

Wood Fence
Broward County Wood Fencing Installations

Wood Fencing Styles

There are a few prominent styles of wood fencing that are commonly used in Broward county: shadowbox, board on board and stockade. All of these styles provide privacy, with shadowbox being the only style that has a slight spacing between the pickets. Wood fencing is a very cost efficient way to secure your yard, although being in South Florida subjects wooden material to the, sometimes severe, natural elements including termites.

Wood Fencing Maintenance

Maintaining a wood fence can be difficult in the long term. For the first few years, you might not need to do much, but after a while you’ll need to pressure wash, stain and seal the panels to make sure they retain a healthy look and stay safe from decay and rot.

Where We Get Our Wood Fencing

All pressure treated wood fencing materials are purchased from either Home Depot or Lowe’s and comply with 100% of Broward counties building code’s.

Wood Fencing Gallery

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