Chain Link Fence
Broward County Chain Link Fencing Installations

Chain-link Fencing Styles

There are two chain-link styles available in multiple different gauges depending on whether the application is residential or commercial. The first option is standard galvanized which is the typical metal chain link fencing everyone is familiar with. The second option is a vinyl coated version of the standard galvanized which comes in green, black and brown.

Chain-link Maintenance

Galvanized chain-link fence is maintenance free since the galvanization process coats the wire with zinc which prevents rusting. The vinyl coated version is equally as resistant to wear as the vinyl coating adds an additional layer of protection over the galvanized wire.

Where We Get Our Chain-link Fencing

All the chain-link fencing materials that we install are purchased from either Stephen’s Pipe & Steel or San Lazaro Fencing. These two companies sell only the highest quality materials and have been serving the South Florida market for many years.

Chain-link Fencing Gallery

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