5 Reasons to Install PVC Fence in Broward County

PVC fence in Broward County.

100% maintenance free.

PVC or vinyl fence is and always will be maintenance free. Other types of fence, especially wood, require extensive maintenance to insure the continued integrity of the materials. With PVC fence, you will never have to stain, paint or pressure wash the exterior to keep it looking new. The only exception to this rule would be if you have sprinklers that continuously hit the exterior of the fence line, in this case simply wiping the surface from time to time with mineral spirits or lacquer thinner should completely eliminate the staining caused by alkaline charged water. In fact, pretty much any dirt or residue can be cleaned off of PVC fence by using this method.

Privacy & security.

When securing your backyard from intruders and or onlookers, PVC fence is definitely the best option. Having an open backyard, or one that is only enclosed by chain-link or aluminum is not ideal especially if you have children, a swimming pool or both. Luckily, PVC fence has the ultimate solution to this problem – vinyl privacy fencing. Privacy fences are 100% opaque and are typically six foot in height. The three standard colors are usually white, tan and khaki but some manufacturers carry a wood grain textured alternative for a higher price.

Widest variety of styles to choose from.

Since vinyl fence is typically custom manufactured in local fabrication shops with CNC tooling, there are a very large amount of base styles to choose from with an almost infinite amount of variations on those base styles. Some of those base option include PVC privacy fencing, PVC semi-privacy fencing, PVC shadowbox fencing and PVC picket fencing. Most of these options can be used pretty much anywhere in South Florida however you will need to check with your municipality and homeowners association to make absolutely sure before you proceed with your permitting and installation.

Lasts a lifetime.

There are many PVC fences in South Florida that have been standing for more than a decade that look like they were installed yesterday. Vinyl fencing is chemically engineered to be resistance to sunlight and all materials are extruded in a manner that ensures totally stability of all components used. Manufacturers usually offer a limited lifetime warranty because of this, while other types of fence mostly come with a 30 years warranty at maximum.

Hurricane resistant.

Hurricanes are a way of life in South Florida, and when you install a structure outside your home you really need to take measures to ensure that structure will stand up to hurricane force winds. PVC fence is the absolute best way to make sure your fencing project will continue to exist after an intense wind storm. Although all PVC fencing is wind resistant, there are two separate grades of material available – standard grade and heavy grade. Standard PVC privacy fencing will typically use a small thinner rail with thinner and shorter posts while the heavy grade option uses larger thicker rails along with a much thicker and longer posts that go into the concrete footer an additional six inches to one foot.

PVC fence is the best type of fence to install in Broward County

Ultimately, PVC fencing is by far the most appropriate type of fencing material to use in Broward County. It’s resistant to the humid salt filled air, it’s pretty much impervious to sunlight and certain models are wholly resistant to hurricane force winds. There are many base styles to choose from with a huge amount of variation and customization available. To schedule a consultation and discuss your next PVC fence project, contact American Fence Corporation, a Broward Fence Company.